Citroen, Renault & Peugeot engine maintenance & repairs

Citroens, Renaults & Peugeots are premium cars that require premium care. We are experts in maintaining and repairing these and other European models, so why not come to the best?

We’re the experts in Citroen, Renault and Peugeot engine repair and their maintenance, with extensive experience working with modern and classic French luxury brands.

Is your mechanic checking your timing belt?

Timing belt breakage is a common problem that can cause major engine damage – often requiring expensive engine repairs. We have the expertise to repair these issues, but prevention is far better than a cure. Make sure you don’t run into this problem by having your car serviced by a professional who knows when your timing belt needs to be replaced. We have experienced mechanics who will make sure you don’t suffer from this problem.

“Anti-pollution system fault” or “De-pollution system faulty” warning message – diagnosing and repairing the problem

This is a common fault we come across, and is not easy to diagnose as it can be caused by many parts in the engine management system. Because we use specialty diagnostic equipment, we can diagnose the problem quickly and have you back on the road in no time.

Engine light on, but car still running fine

Many people are happy to drive around with an engine warning icon lit up on their dash. As long as the car still drives nicely, it’s not a problem, right? Be careful – you may be doing major damage to your car without knowing it. Minor problems with modern engines can cause serious and costly failures down the line. Make a booking with Eurozone Automotive and our expert technicians will use our specialty diagnostic tools to determine the problem. Then we can get it sorted, before the problem breaks something expensive.